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Where 6'0" is this magical number that solves all social problems. How do you feel about Reddit girls rejecting this man because he is 5'7? Is height becoming a big issue in only America or is it everywhere? Do you view loner as a red flag?

Do you crave love? What would you do if you got pregnant or got a girl pregnant right now? Are ditzy, clumsy, shy girls considered attractive? What Girls Said His height would make no difference to me.

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I am 5 7'' I sure would date him.. If no one else wants the hot shorter guys then I guess I'll take them. The real problem is the imperial system. I don't care about his height. His muscles are bothering me though What Guys Said 6. How I Maintain Independence: Have you ever asked yourself: Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Select as Most Helpful Opinion? My girlfriend is 18 and 5'9. I'm literally winning at life but somehow feel really emasculated. It's really upsetting me because she's absolutely wonderful and I feel awful that I can't seem to shake this feeling. It's making me act really insecure. He added, "I guess it's mass media stereotyping.

It kind of hit me hard because I have never really worried about my height before but now I'm really sensitive about it. My job has me meeting many people a day and I compare myself to everyone. It strongly influences my mood if someone is significantly taller than me.

Dating a tall woman isn't something that every short man can live with. However, this Reddit user went too far after apparently having really bad experiences with trying to hit on taller women that he ended up having a strong desire to get even and seek revenge on shallow females. He admitted, "While I find tall women equally as attractive as short women, I've decided to automatically reject all tall women the same way most of them automatically reject all short men.

So I will not date someone taller than me. Sure, there are stereotypical females that think stereotypical thoughts in their minds, but there are also open-minded females that think open-minded thoughts for a more diverse outlook. Not all women are the same and it sounds like this man always goes for the wrong types of women. To be honest, he just needs to play the field instead of rejecting all tall women based on a stereotype. It's obvious that lot of women have a general preference for taller men.

With a surefire blast of good luck, a woman can find that dreamy, tall guy she has been looking for-whether he's a basketball player, a male model or something of the like.

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While there's a sizable amount of short men who are hoping to meet tall women, it's not every day where you come across a short man who has a specific preference and only wants to date tall women. Here's a man on the short side who fancies the taller ladies out there. A Reddit user wrote, "All two girls I've ever dated were taller than me. One was 5'8 and the other 5'10". Props to him for bagging a couple of ladies out of his league. Although it's unclear how long he stayed with both of these ladies, it's still something to be proud of—especially in a world full of inequalities.

If you think you have a leg fetish, then your best option might be to introduce yourself to a tall girl and get to know her. It wouldn't hurt to try. If she's open to a shorter man, that's great! And if she scoffs at the idea of dating a shorter man, just ignore her shallowness. Life's too short to dwell on negativity. Just keep going because you only fail when you decide to give up. A Reddit user wrote, "I'm 5'7". As a leg guy, I love tall girls.

That being said, I might not approach you simply because literally every girl that I've approached that was more than an inch taller than me wouldn't give me the time of day. If a tall sexy girl came up to me, I'd be over the moon.

Why Tall Women Date Shorter Men

That being said, some men—especially the shorter ones—don't make the first move. It's not because they're not interested in a woman, they just don't want to deal with rejection. If you're in love with the woman you're with, you shouldn't be concerned about her height at all. Those who make fun of short men who are in relationships with tall women just don't understand the real definition of love.

What's more important is that the personalities of both parties coincide together. At the end of the day, it's all about communication, respect and trust, not outer qualities like looks, height differences and material goods. A Reddit user wrote, "I just asked out a girl who was 2 inches taller than me I'm 5'4 and our kissing height is perfect. I just have to tip my head back. She hasn't even brought up the height difference at all. I'm perfectly fine with it. Respect to this man for making the first move and asking out a girl who was a little bit taller than him.

It's even better that he was able to kiss his new girlfriend without any issues. If you truly love a woman, you'll never get tired of her. Just like the previous entry, the inner qualities should come first and then the outer qualities. In this instance, a short man with an unknown height has a tall girlfriend and he's not embarrassed to hold her hand in public.

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He's an example of a "real" man who seems to be considerate and possesses good manners. A Reddit user responded, "Love it. I don't choose partners based on height it's a nice bonus. I find height sexy on women. My current gf is around 5'10 and I'm the one pestering her to wear heels: She hates them, unfortunately..

This girl is the guy's other half. Therefore, he wants her to feel confident about herself.

Short guy on Reddit allegedly kills himself over not being able to have a relationship | IGN Boards

Despite his persistence on the possibility of wearing heels, she continued to decline the suggestion, which is fairly normal among women who suffer from low self esteem. If all goes well, she'll eventually listen to her beau and take his advice. Forget the conventional expression "nice guys finish last.

A Reddit user wrote, "I've attracted a bunch of tall women but they don't see me as a dating option. I'm in college now but I doubt things would change after. One can only hope, but reading stuff like this is destroying me. Unfortunately, not all short men can find their perfect tall chick, but not all hope is gone. He shouldn't feel that way because life works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes, you'll never know what's going to happen next. Just because he hasn't been considered as a dating option for taller women in his teenage years, it doesn't mean the same types of women will keep reappearing over and over again. He just has to meet the right woman. It only takes one to notice the positives about him. One bad experience can ruin a short man's thoughts on a tall woman. Just ask this guy, who clearly won't give tall women their time of day after a couple of unsatisfactory encounters in the bedroom.

A Reddit user wrote, "I take any beautiful girl. BUT I think I would avoid a girl over 5'8. BUT again, I have slept with 5'9 girls before: Although everyone is more than welcome to have their own opinions, it's unnecessary to assume all tall women are the same just because of one or a couple of negative experiences from the past.

Men don't appreciate it when women presume all of their male counterparts are the same, so what good are you going to do if you prematurely judge your female counterparts? I worker only a small needs mentioned it at all. I gotta enclose I hate it when she feels to feel perhaps stretch heels, but I aid it almost. And dear enough, more than one anyhow girl mentioned me that her worked sees get much more honourable.

No extraneous men dating shorter old and no period women who protracted taller guys.

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Short guy on Reddit allegedly kills himself over not being able to have a relationship

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