Dating architectural features

Their graphic goes in depth, too, listing off key details that help define and distinguish different styles like Tudor, Victorian and Craftsman. The book breaks down design types and details even further particularly useful given the ways styles get intermixed. A Chicago bungalow is quite different and distinctive from a California bungalow, for example. McMansion is there on the bottom left. I thought it was a made-up term and was actually surprised to see it listed!

Dating Historic Buildings

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Date with an Architect

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Windows and tracery forms

The image below is an excellent example of a s era Colonial Revival style house. The house is sheathed in clapboards, instead of brick veneer, and windows are paired and tripled with six-over-one sashes Colonial Revival structures of this era generally had an upper sash of multiple panes, usually 6,4, or 2, and a single-pane lower sash. The two-story, eaves-front, symmetrical massing is still present, as are the cornice returns on the gable ends, but the simplified entry porch is the only real detail.

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  • The porch, with pediment roof and simple columns, is typical of this era of construction. Most of the details are quite similar to the house in the image above. The first-story windows, although not typical sash windows, still feature the transom of multiple glass panes over the single glass pane.

    Timeline of architectural styles

    Not all Georgian Revival houses retained the character-defining Georgian symmetry. Many Colonial Revival houses of the s shrunk considerably in size and featured a range of applied, simplified details.

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    • The house below is an excellent example of a modest Colonial Revival from this era. The rectangular shape is still present, but the symmetry is gone. Some of the detail is quite intricate, such as the modillions beneath the eaves and the Classical door surround, but it is typical of the type of mass-produced architectural features applied to houses of this time. Simple, Asymmetrical Colonial Revival: The Colonial Revival style persisted into the s in Vermont, with structures becoming even more simplified or receiving modern details.

      The image below dates from the s, and features a mixture of traditional Colonial Revival features with more modern s characteristics.